The Help Your Community Program has ended

The support for the Help Your Community program has been extraordinary and humbling. Thank you to everyone who sponsored and supported this initiative – for working together and supporting the people in our communities in their time of need. Although the Help Your Community program has now ended, we know that your community spirit will live on. Please keep doing great work!

What is it All About?

“Help Your Community” provides food for those who can’t obtain essential items during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and individuals can donate to Help Your Community.

Donations will be used to buy a wide range of essential grocery items from at greatly reduced prices from some of our sponsors. Products that will be purchased will be donated directly to families in our community every Wednesday or to the local foodbanks.

CURRENT: $12,500+ donated as of June 1

CURRENT: As of June 1 we have delivered 11,000+ pounds of food to our community in need. A big thanks to everyone involved!

An Initiative By

How It Works

1. Donate online today!
2. We will use your generous cash donations to purchase crucial items for our community: Ground beef, Fruit and vegetables, Canned foods, Cleaning products, And much more.
3. We will deliver the items directly to households in need or the food bank.

Are You in Need of Food?

If you don’t have the resources to buy fresh food, “Help Your Community” will do what we can to help!
1. Complete the food request at the bottom of this page
2. We will put together a box of fresh food
3. It will be delivered at no charge!

NOTE: We may need to qualify your request based on your need and size of your family to ensure the boxes are being delivered to those who need it most. Thank you! (If supplies are available)


We Need You!

We are in need of donations, volunteers to assist at the Helping Hand Food Bank in Tillsonburg, and others who can deliver grocery items directly to those who need it. Fill out the applicable form below to donate or volunteer.

Get Involved

Are you in a position to help? We are looking for donations, volunteers, and individuals that can help with the delivery of fresh produce to elderly and families once a week.  Let’s help our community as one! Fill out the applicable form below to get donate or volunteer. For phone inquiries, please call between 9am and 5pm on business days.

* We take your privacy  seriously. All forms are secured and your information will NOT be shared with any third-party. All volunteers have to sign our privacy form before being able to volunteer. We appreciate your cooperation!

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